Do Re Mi Cards



Do re mi cards are used in games that help students:

  • Learn to sign intervals (e.g., seconds, thirds, and fifths)
  • Learn to sing triads and scales
  • Develop listening skills by training students to recognize different intervals through singing

Each card is printed with one syllable in black letters. The cards use the colors of the rainbow (do = red, re = orange, mi = yellow fa = green, so = blue, la = indigo, ti = violet).

The colors used for the pitches are the same across all our products.


  • 35 cards: five for each of the seven solfège syllables
  • Includes sol and si cards in the appropriate color for use in various countries with that pronunciation and spelling for those pitches
  • Guide cards that include instructions for three games:

    1. Beginning Dictation (A simplified version of DS-7 Do Re Mi Cards Echos. See book, p. 43)
    2. U2 DS-8 Slow - Do Re Mi
    3. DS-9 Hide and Sing (See book ,p. 44)