Curriculum Charts

Unit 1 Curriculum

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By design, Music Mind Games is a flexible curriculum that continues to evolve and grow. Students progress in individual ways and have different goals and needs. Use the Curriculum Chart as a guide and trust your instincts as you apply it to your teaching.

The Unit 1 curriculum chart shows how the subjects flow from one game to another and work together. It is important to regularly play previously learned games.

To create and nurture music literacy it is vital for teachers and parents to help students make the connection from the concepts learned in the games to their actual musical activities. This can happen during a piano lesson, in a choir rehearsal, at a home practice session, or while learning a new folk song.

Sequential Learning

The games and concepts in Music Mind Games build upon each other. So students learn in sequential steps, each game within a Subject Area is played in order. For example, RM-1 (Rhythm Math) is played before RM-2 and so on. Teachers are encouraged to continuously assess their students' abilities, respect their intelligence, and make appropriate game choices.

  • Are students having fun and are they happy?
  • Are there "ah-ha" moments?
  • Are they able to get involved and be playful?
  • Are there serious moments when they're thinking and able to figure something out on their own?
  • When you say, "This is the last round," do they beg to keep playing even if it's lunchtime?

These are all good signs.