Do Re Mi Kids Set (PDF)


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Click the link to view a sample of this set of Do Re Mi Kids.

What Makes These Kids Special

  • The kids' hands show the Curwen hand signs positions
  • Their rainbow-colored clothes match the do re mi cards and rainbow xylophones
  • High La, Ti, Do are different from Low la, ti, do. It's fun to notice the differences
  • The kids help students learn the relationship of the major and relative minor scales

What Is In the Set?

  • 10 Individual Do Re Mi Kids (1.5” each kid) Kids fit on paper pianos, staff slates, rainbow xylophone, or a piano. Flexible use for scales
  • 10 Do Re Mi Kids on Paper Pianos 1.8” x 9” strip (1.5” each kid) Includes piano key lines to quickly and exactly fit on paper pianos
  • 10 Do Re Mi Kids on a Card 4.25” x 11” strip (1.7” kids) Easy to use. No other materials needed
  • 10 Do Re Mi Kids BIG each sheet 8.5” x 11”. This set of Do Re Mi Kids is designed for posting on walls and using with large groups