Music Mind Games Book



Music Mind Games Unit 1 is a "must-have" book for teachers and parents worldwide who are helping students learn music theory and gain music literacy skills. This book is brimming with inspiration and creative ideas to enrich lives with 100 unique and ingenious games. This wonderful method is the result of 50 years of game development with the students and teachers Michiko has taught. This is Michiko's third book (#1 in 1979 and #2 in 1992).

  • 25 colorful pages of philosophy, teaching tips, Cornerstones, and Fairies
  • Over 750 photographs and original graphics
  • 13 original scores
  • Teaching, Memory, Classic, Solitaire, and Review Games
  • Game subjects: Dictation and Sight-Singing, Alphabet and Intervals, Reading Rhythms, Rhythm Math, Staff and Notes, Tempos, Music Symbols, Scales and Key Signatures, Triads and Chords, Musopoly

* The book Music Mind Games Unit 1 and the Music Mind Games Handbook are two different publications and complement each other. Teachers and parents will want to own both. The handbook is available separately and also included in the Puppy Packet.

"I just got your Unit 1 MMG Book today. It is a fabulously put-together masterpiece. I love the way you have all the resources outlined and easy to find. Nothing is omitted. Easy to find everything and visually easy to see and remember. The games have room for discovery on their own, too, which is the main idea for kids to learn. Waiting for Unit 2." -- Sue Bakshi (Philadephia, PA)

Music Mind Games Book Preview 2020 from Music Mind Games on Vimeo.

The games can easily be adapted for all situations, including virtual lessons and classes as well as individual play.