Blue Jello Cards Set 1



The blue jello cards set 1 teaches a fun vocabulary of rhythmic words for reading rhythms, writing rhythms, understanding note and rest values, and notating compositions.

These cards help students of all levels learn:

  • The difference between a note and a rest
  • A fun vocabulary to read single notes, rests, and note groupings
  • To keep a steady beat when reading rhythms
  • How to identify rhythms by listening
  • The relative values of basic notes and rests
  • To divide notes and rests into measures
  • Hand signs to understand how notes and rests are drawn and increase finger dexterity and promote kinesthetic learning of rhythm
  • To read musical scores with confidence

To learn more about our Blue Jello method for studying rhythm, click here.


  • Like all Music Mind Games materials, the blue jello cards set 1 not used as a set of flash cards. Instead, the cards are read together, and students learn by imitating the pronunciation, steady beat, and tempo of their teacher's voice.
  • Each new note or rest is introduced one at a time. The new note or rest first appears on one card in context with previously learned notes and rests. The next card features only the new note or rest. This sequence is followed by several cards with the new note or rest and previously learned notes and rests.
  • Cards have various numbers of beats. This way, when time signatures are learned, one meter doesn't feel “more correct” than another one.


  • 29 double-sided cards featuring 58 Blue Jello patterns
  • The cards are 8 inches (20.3 cm) long and 2 inches (5.08 cm) tall
  • 2 guide cards for learning the Blue Jello words, hand signs, and drawings
  • Brief instructions for using the cards