Blue Jello Rhythm Puzzles



This set of two blue jello rhythm puzzles has endless possibilities for teaching Blue Jello rhythms and note and rest value.

They are a hit in the classroom with individual and group lessons and popular at home.

Write single notes and rests as well as combinations of rhythms such as "jel-lo jel-lo" (four eighth notes) and "gooseberry" (eighth note and two sixteenth notes). You can even create complex rhythms such as "celery" (sixteenth note triplet), "huckleberry lo" (four sixteenth notes and one eighth note), and "macadamia" (sixteenth note quintuplet).

(This set is replacing the popular crepe foam puzzles of the past, since crepe foam material is no longer available to us. The photos with students show the previous puzzles.)

To learn more about our Blue Jello method for studying rhythm, click here.


  • When your puzzles arrive, all the dark blue piece will be inside the dark blue puzzle, and the light blue pieces will be inside the light blue puzzle. You will need to switch them out, keeping your expenses low while giving you the opportunity to learn about the pieces.


  • 2 crepe foam puzzles (1 dark blue and 1 bright blue) in 2 durable plastic trays
  • A total of 98 puzzle pieces
  • The puzzles are 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) tall and 12 inches (30.5 cm) wide
  • Includes a pamphlet containing the following:

    • A Blue Jello chart with Blue Jello vocabulary, Blue Jello drawings, and Blue Jello hand sign photos
    • Photos showing how to use the puzzle pieces to make note and rest combinations
    • Instructions for four games to play with your puzzles:

      1. Puzzle Notes
      2. Puzzle Rests
      3. Copy the Cards
      4. Find the Jellos

    • Other ideas for using the puzzles
    • How to care for your puzzles