Folding Staff Slate



The folding staff slate is an incredibly versatile and useful tool for teaching students about the staff.

Use these materials to help students learn:

  • About the staff and the difference between a line and a space
  • How bass, tenor, alto, and treble clefs are placed on the staff
  • Intervals (e.g., seconds, thirds, fifths)
  • Solfège
  • To take melodic and harmonic dictation
  • Notes on the staff using various combinations of clefs
  • The position of ledger line notes in relation to the staff
  • To read and write sight-singing patterns
  • The relationship between the notes and clefs and their instruments
  • To write key signatures, scales, triads, and chords


  • One side features a grand staff

    • The grand staff has printed clefs and a modified space between the two clefs with only enough space for the three notes found between the clefs: B, Middle C, and D. This makes it easier for students to learn the relationship between the two staffs

  • The other side features a single staff without clefs so students can choose the clef they want to use


This set includes:

  • One double-sided slate, 16 inches (40.5 cm) long and 11.5 inches (29.5 cm) wide
  • The folding staff slate is cut and scored so it will fold in fourths for easier transport and to fit inside the Puppy Packet carry box. To help your slate lie flat, gently but firmly fold the folds the opposite way and smooth them with your finger
  • Includes clear transparencies with cut lines:

    • Treble, alto, and bass clefs (currently in colors, no black)
    • Sharps, flats, naturals, double sharps, and double flats in do re mi rainbow colors
    • Ledger lines in three sizes
    • NEW! Music Mind Games Do Re Mi Kids stand upright on their matching magic notes color on piano keyboards, paper pianos, staff slates, or ...everywhere.

  • Each colored clef has a cute little face to subtly direct the student to the portion of the clef that designates the line note that carries the clef's letter name
  • The clear ledger line sheets can be used when needed, just like real music. These sheets come in three sizes: single-, double- and triple-line sizes