Music Symbol Cards Set 2



Music symbol cards set 2 follows the cards in music symbol cards set 1.

These cards help students:

  • Learn the meanings of various signs, symbols, and terms
  • Learn how to interpret these signs, symbols, and terms in a musical score


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Cards in Set 2:

Repeat signs, fermata, sforzando, phrase, dotted quarter note, flat, ottava bass clef, reminder sharp, fourth, accelerando, da capo, anacrusis, rallentando, sixth, finger numbers, tie, seventh, trill, ottava treble clef, slur, second, double bar line, fifth, 1st inversion, marcato, dotted eighth note, ritenuto, 1st and 2nd endings, dotted half note, accent, octave, natural, unison, beam, sharp, fine, third, triad, dolce, 2nd inversion, triplet, brace


  • 48 cards
  • Cards are 2.5 square inches (6.5 cm)
  • Instructions for three games:

    1. Music Symbol Bingo
    2. Symbol Snake
    3. What Can You Find?