Real Rhythm Cards Set



We are excited to debut our newly revised real rhythm cards set, which includes a newly designed box*.

Four compartments hold two rows of cards, the Ideas booklet, gold coins, magic notes, and time signature cards. Two flaps on the lid insert into the bottom for a snug fit.

On the bottom of the box is a brand new matching game.

It's best to store your box flat. However, if the box needs to be on its side, the insert (included) will keep everything in the compartments.

The real rhythm cards box (10" x 13" x 1.25") has a clear shellac coating designed to protect the box with normal use.

  • Real rhythm cards: 40 cards, 11" x 2.85" make 144 cards of various lengths when cut apart
  • Time signature cards - two sets
  • Revised Ideas booklet with tips, games, and a complete Blue Jello rhythms chart
  • Gold coins (20)
  • Magic notes

* Please contact us if you want to order only the new box ($49.99).

How to cut your cards

Watch Michiko using real rhythm cards in a lesson.