Gold Coins



These shiny aluminum coins are used in several ways:

  • Holding rhythmic value in Rhythm Math games
  • Special incentives in many of our games
  • Fun gifts for students

Made in the USA of quality anodized aluminum, these coins make a good clinking sound. Students will be very eager to participate if a gold coin is involved!


The markings on both sides of the coin have special meaning:

Tails: Melody: Freddie singing and the beginning "Daily Do" in solfège

Heads: Rhythm: Etude is playing the piano and notes and rests combinations equal to the quarter note

In Rhythm Math games, gold coins have a rhythmic value!

One gold coin = one quarter note = four magic notes = four sixteenths

Gold coins are also included with the real rhythm cards set


  • Includes 20 coins
  • Coins are 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in diameter
  • Made of bright, sturdy anodized aluminum
  • Packaged in a small organization bag with ribbon closure